Our Family

Our Family
"These are the children God has graciously given to me. (us)" - Genesis 33:5

Monday, November 06, 2006

R.O.C.K. Success and Thank You!

We had our very first R.O.C.K. support group meeting this past Friday. What a great night! We met so many wonderful families. I can't explain to any of you how amazing it was to see so many people going through similar issues that we have gone through. Some of the families there have been dealing with Celiac for well over 10 years. Others, like us, have only been diagnosed this year. We all have so much to learn and teach to each other. So, many children long for friends who they can share this disease with. Mike and I couldn't be more thrilled to have been able to provide this opportunity for everyone.

Mike and I will continue to organize more meetings, and events for the group and anyone else who would like to join. If interested you can always post a comment to this site, and I would be happy to give you the R.O.C.K email and website information.

As for the thank you part of this post...
Mike and I just wanted to say thanks to those of you who have called us, spoke with us, and even those who posted anonymously on our last post, in support of what we are doing. It has been no easy task, and as of yet we haven't found a home for Moose. He is still being treated as a part of our family, unfortunately it does mean a lot more kennel time for him. In turn, we've seen a slight improvement in Ethan's behavior since he can have run of the house again. Even Joshua who doesn't have any developmental issues, (just low weight gain and he's on a gf diet) finally began to walk. As time goes by it will certainly be harder to give Moose away to someone, but we still both believe it will be best for him as well as us. Was it a mistake? At the time, no. How could we have known what the future would hold for us. Especially with some of the new developments in Ethan's behavior. No one could have predicted it. Had we known, we most definitely wouldn't have invested our time, hearts, and money into Moose. It wouldn't have been fair to anyone. You live you learn...time to move on.


Dr. Mom said...

I just stumbled across this insane blog.

First: You label yourself as Mike and Michelle, Ethan's parents, yet you have another son, Joshua, who you don't identify with. Now you are having another kid! Poor thing. Sounds like Joshua and the new baby will be lost in translation.

Second: Do you have Munchausen? Your little boy has Celiacs. He wasn't born without a spine. Tell him to sit up straight or would that damage him mentally. Instead you go out and buy a chair. He looks healthy to me. Sounds like your entire family could learn from a little discipline, the word no, and get dirty without guilt. You need discipline. Why do you want to hang a big label on your kid. Labels are for soup cans.

Third: Poor dog! You must be an emotional mess. You have a kid that is sick (by your standards), another cute little boy, you are pregnant again, and you go and add a dog to this mess. I can't imagine being in your shoes, you poor thing. Do yourselves a favor and find a good home for Moose.

Fourth: You have a beautiful family. Relax and quit worrying about messing up. Kids don't come with a manual. There is no right or wrong. We all make mistakes. Forgive yourself if you mess up. Tomorrow is a new day and they only remember the fun stuff anyway. Spank 'em, tell them no once in awhile, hug them lots, and don't buy them everything they want. Concentrate on needs. Make your children something to be proud of and mostly make them a joy to be around. Lack of discipline is the biggest problem facing children today and it is usually brought on by parents who are so afraid of messing up that they give in too much.

Michael and Michelle said...

Hey thanks for the insightful and helpful post. I'll shall take a complete strangers assesment of our situation to heart and follow your recommendations to the letter. Discipline huh never thought of that. Maybe a can beat the celiacs out of him. Have to ask the good ol doc about that one.

The dog did not work out like we thought it would. I'm guessing you never made a mistake - you sound perfect to me. I love people who pass judgement without even knowing the situation. This blog is just a bit of what goes on. Give me a break.

Joshua - who the hell are you to tell us we don't identify with Joshua. This site is about Ethan and dealing with celiacs. Joshua does not have it and he has been a very different baby/toddler compared to Ethan.

And how very astute of you to figure out I have "The Adventures of Baron von Muchausen" great movie. At least you got one thing right.

Seems to me I got along fine with out your opinion for 38 years i'm guessing i can go another 38 and not hear from you again. Thanks for reading....bye!

Grandma R said...

Doctor Mom seems to be leaping to a number of conclusions without knowing what the facts are. Perhaps a little judicious self restraint might have served her better than bloviating.
dr.mom, next time think things through before you are so willing to tear people down. I see no point in your destructive comments. I don't find your criticism in the least constructive. I wonder who exactly you are? It is not all that difficult to find out. : )

Anonymous said...

i agree!
where do these RUDE people come from anyway?
dr mom ever hear of manners?
why go out of your way to hurt someone? nothing constructive in her comments as far as i can see!
go get 'em gramma! maybe you can find a delete key for their comments...that would suit everyone!
mark's mom.......and yeah, he's not my only child either

Anonymous said...

did anyone stop to read dr. mom's fourth item? she is telling you to relax a little bit and enjoy your family. as i've already posted, i have a daughter with asperger's and in going thru your blgo i find that you are focusing especially on whatever you can that is "wrong" with your kids. celiacs was so important, so importnat, so important - but then it's the next diagnosis and the one after that. remember that you DO have abeautiful family like dr. mom says. that you will do better by your kids for not just defining them with celiacs and then with sensory integration dysfunction and then with asperger's - and with asthma and gluten sensitivity and so on. just let them be kids. granted, they have needs - sometimes different form the needs of other children or other families too. but relax and be a family.