Our Family

Our Family
"These are the children God has graciously given to me. (us)" - Genesis 33:5

Saturday, September 05, 2009


Well, my babies will be turning one in just a few days...time has certainly gone by way too fast. I suppose it was bound to happen, it's just one of those things. But, unlike my other children, I've been having a tough time with some of the milestones the twins have been hitting. One of which is the infamous haircut. My oldest two boys had a lot of hair, especially Joshua. He needed a haircut at 9 mos. because it was getting into his eyes! Poor Rebekah still doesn't have enough hair to truly cut, but even she has now had two haircuts. So, it was only a matter of time before the twins would be receiving their very first as well.

I think I've put it off because I knew that once they had those little baby hairs clipped, they would look like "big boys" or toddlers and I wasn't sure I was ready to let go of my "babies" just yet. But, they are growing up, and I can't resist those cute little boy faces anymore than the cute little baby faces...so clip-clip!

I am very fortunate to have such an awesome hairstylist. Donna has been cutting my hair since my wedding day! I say fortunate, because she was willing to come to my house yesterday to cut my hair, so that's why we figured we'd take advantage and have her do the twins and Bekah as well.

Caleb before his trim...

Caleb after his trim...he wasn't too happy with the whole experience. I think he wanted to be the one using the scissors!!

Elijah before his trim...

Elijah after his trim...very happy little guy. He had no problem with the haircut. As a matter of fact he continued to eat his veggie bootie during the whole process!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


We received Ethan's CAT results at the end of last week. It was a pretty quick turnaround. We are proud to say that our big guy did awesome. He scored average to above average all the way around. His lowest score was a 5 (on a 1-9 scale; 1-3 below average, 4-6 average, and 7-9 above average) and that was on comprehension. We weren't surprised because comprehension can be a difficult task for children with Asperger. The problem with comprehension is that if the topic doesn't interest them, they simply tune it out. If the stories on the tests were about John Deere or Thomas, I'm sure he would have paid closer attention to the story, but still may have struggled with the concepts the story was presenting. Since the story's were about cats outside and breakfast foods cooking in the kitchen, he didn't even hear the stories much less be able to answer a question about it.

In any case, he did so well and we are so proud of him. When we told him his results he smiled and said, "I'm so proud of myself!" We had told him that when he finished Kindergarten we would celebrate with a cake of his choice. So, he chose chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting. I figured it would be a perfect opportunity to check out the new gluten free mixes from Betty Crocker. They have four mixes out; Devil's Food Cake, Yellow Cake, Cookie Mix, and Brownie Mix. We had already had the brownie mix due to Ethan's OT using that as a cooking activity during one of his sessions...they were yummy! Well, let me tell you...the Devil's Food Cake was pretty awesome as well. That topped with my homemade gluten free, dairy free vanilla frosting and the kids were all pretty excited as they inhaled not one but two cupcakes each! We even let the babies try some...ya, ya I know they haven't had their first birthday yet...but some rules are made to be broken right?? :)

Anyway, we are now looking forward to his first grade books coming in the mail tomorrow and have the school room all set up and ready to go. Mike and I organized each child's activity/school basket so that it's easy enough to know where each child's work is. We will be doing preschool for Joshua and Rebekah as well. It should be an interesting year, and I'm looking forward to watching my children grow in their learning!