Our Family

Our Family
"These are the children God has graciously given to me. (us)" - Genesis 33:5

Saturday, August 25, 2007

What money is for

This is Mike by the way. I know I know I do not post all that often but I had to share this one.

Ok quick back story, when Ethan is out and about with me every time we go by a McDonalds he asks for a shake, you see he knows they are gluten free. My usual response is not now. Today was no exception. Except this time I told him that I did not have any money on me.

So now Michelle Joshua and Rebekah are all taking naps and I am working on my laptop.

Ethan: "Dad what are you doing?"
Dad: "Working"
Ethan: "Why are you working?"
Dad: "So I can make money so that we can buy food and live in this house"
Ethan: "hmmmmm no. I think you should make money to buy me a shake!"

Sounds like a good argument if you ask me!

Little does he know what is for dinner tonight. Since it is like 400 degrees out - looks like an ice cream sunday dinner! All will be pleased!


Monday, August 13, 2007

Our Vacation...Part 1

We decided to start our vacation up to the North Country at the crack of dawn. We figured since our children have no problems with waking us up early most mornings, they wouldn't mind being dragged from their beds at 5:15 am! Mike and I were up at 4 am so we could figure out how to pack half of the house into the car...this being our first big trip away from home since our Celiac diagnosis. (Yes, Cheryl we've come to your house for a weekend...but you have food for us to fill our celiac tummy's and wonderful accomadations!) Add to this trip a third child, and we were well on our way to needing a trailer!

We knew that if we left while they were still sleepy, we would be able to make most of the trip in relative peace and quiet. It worked...they were quiet and we were peaceful...until we pulled in to the Storyland parking lot!

So, we jumped right in with both feet. Half the time we didn't know if we were coming our going...but the kids seemed to know what they were doing!

The kids thought it would be tasty if we tried a little of the pie...a gluten free version of course...and then play us a little tune. It was music to our ears!

We decided to slow down for about 15 seconds to take advantage of traveling with our friends and capture a family moment. Fortunately you can't see the death grip we have on the boys as this was putting a serious crimp on their fun!

After a few dizzying rides, (tea cups, and swan boats) it was time to cool off with some sweet and icy refreshment...Ethan's first sno-cone! Yippeee, they are gluten free! Rebekah, however, decided a nap was a better idea...it was HOT!

We traveled around the park with a large group of friends who we met through our Celiac support group. Ethan LOVED walking around with all of the girls...(being the only boy other than his brother) he had no shortage of hands to hold...or friends to ride with.

So, after a quick trip around the farm on the tractor, and through the county side in an antique car, we decided to call it a great day, and head on to our hotel.

All in all it was a great day at the park. Thanks to the fact that Storyland lists all of the foods they provide on a 30+ page list at their website with all of the allergens listed, we were able to enjoy some of the park tasties. Storyland is also great in letting anyone bring in whatever food they want to as well. We had gone well prepared with muffins, lunch, snacks etc., and it paid off as everyone was well fed throughout the course of the day. It made for such a wonderful time!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


...is not on our side.

I was hoping that my posts would become more regular however, we've had a change in living arrangements here at the Ouellette household. We now have my younger sister and her two little girls...Arianna 5 and Lilly 3...temporarily living with us. In fact, the only reason I am able to do this post right now is because Josh and Bekah are sleeping, Lilly and Arianna are playing (nicely) and watching TV, and Ethan is out running errands with my guardian angel...Norma! I have no TIME to do much else, and haven't even looked at all of the 300+ pictures we took on our little vacation to the north country this past weekend! Hopefully once I've looked at and organized, I will post some stories and pictures...it was a trip to remember!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Topics Avoided...by me

Asperger Syndrome
Sensory Integration Dysfunction
Special Education Programs
Individualized Education Plan (IEP)
Potty Training
Behavioral Therapy
Social Schedules/Stories
Why haven't I talked about these topics on my blog??...I'm not really sure.
Maybe it is because of the lack of time to really sit down and process everything that is going on. Maybe it is because once I do start to think about everything I become very overwhelmed. Maybe it is because I want to believe it is all just a "phase" and he'll eventually "grow out of it"
Maybe it is because I just want to cry out "it's not fair" every time he has one of his meltdowns. Maybe it is because I feel so very alone in all of this...most people see a "normal" 4 1/2 yr old. boy...spend a week in my shoes, the view will change.
Well, it's time to change all that! We originally created this blog to record our journey through life with Celiac Disease. Along the way, as our comfort level with managing the diet grew, we began blogging about the rest of day-to-day life. Well our day-to-day living has changed yet again, so along with that change comes whole new topics for us to discover and discuss.
Maybe it will help someone else realize that they aren't alone.
Maybe it will lead others to seek more information into their children's unexplained behaviors.
Maybe it will be therapeutic for me to get some of this stuff off my chest.
Maybe others will be willing to share what has worked for them, or lead us to services that might be helpful for our situation.
Regardless...it is our lives. We are a family, created and blessed by God. Some days I feel like He has given me more than I can handle. But with His help and the help of my loving husband, and close friends I'm beginning to realize that I can handle a lot more than I thought. It is just going to take time and perseverance.
So, welcome to the journey. Be prepared for some bumpy blogs...don't worry...I will still include many, many pictures and stories of the wonderful antics our family provides along the way.