Our Family

Our Family
"These are the children God has graciously given to me. (us)" - Genesis 33:5

Friday, July 25, 2008

Ahhhh....High School

The good ol' days...hehehehe....yup, it's embarrassing to look back at how we dressed, wore our hair, acted, etc....but it can also be a wonderful trip down memory lane.

That's what I did last night. I met with these four ladies last night to not only discuss the plans for our high school reunion (finally...sorry class of '93), but to hang out with some great friends.

Our school was incredibly small...our graduating class...according to the picture I found...was 33 people. One of whom was a foreign exchange student named Soren...do you guys remember him?? Ya, I found a few other people in the picture that we need to track down as well. Fifteen years may not seem like a really long time ago...and even though there weren't a lot of us...we had a tough time trying to come up with all of the names last night. I think we hit 26 of them...which isn't too bad!

We hope to find them all so we can see everyone and catch up. Some of the classmates had been going to school together since first grade...while several of us, me included, were "add-ins" along the way.

So, here's to the Class of '93...I hope we can find all of you so we can open up our time capsule and see how far we've all come over the last 15 years!

By the way ladies....I found "The Contract"...hehehe :)

(L to R: Me, Cammie, Cary (the tall one), Amanda and Tammi)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Last Night...

...we let Bekah sleep in her Big Girl Bed for the first time...

...obviously she decided that under her bed would be more comfortable!
(Sound like someone else we know?)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Reality Sets In

Need I say more?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Ian!

As some of you know, Mike's brother Dan and his family have moved to Ireland. Our nephew Ian is celebrating his birthday today in Ireland. In order for his cousins to wish him a Happy Birthday, we thought it would be cute to post it on our blog as we know they can check it out whenever they want to.

So, Happy Birthday Ian! We love you!

From: Ethan, Joshua, Rebekah, Uncle Mike, Auntie Michelle and the Twins!

A Prego Life

I feel like I've been pregnant for years!! I've come to realize...I don't make a very good pregnant woman. Some women LOVE being pregnant. Not me. It's not the weight gain...I really don't have any issues with my weight and happily report I am 169 lbs. I was 142 when I started this pregnancy...so my weight gain has been great! According to everything in print...I probably should be gaining more...but so far neither my midwives or the OB/GYN have said anything about it...trust me...I eat! :)

I think it's just how much it limits me physically. I find it very frustrating having to rely on someone else to get things done. I've always been a type A personality, a "gotta get it done now and in this way" person. When I've made up my mind that it needs to be done...then it needs to be done. I don't like waiting for someone else to do it...and I especially don't like having to ask someone else to do it. In addition to all that, I also have MY way of doing things that I think is a more efficient, multi-tasking way to do it...and to LET someone else try their hand at it...well...very difficult for me. :0)

A friend of mine recently told me something that I had been thinking...quietly to myself of course...that maybe this is God's way of telling me: slow down, trust in others, rely on others, ask others for help, etc. I've found myself questioning why God chose us to have twins. For those of you who know my kiddos...I've had many a rough day wondering how it is that I'm to handle all of the things that have come my way as it is. Then to add twins to the mix...?? Why us? How am I going to handle all that comes with the kiddos I already have...PLUS all that comes with having twins?? I know God has a plan for me and Mike...it's just been overwhelming to say the least.

My emotions have been both hormonal as well as overwhelming in nature. I can go from feeling unbelievably blessed and excited over the thought of holding these two little boys, to feeling overwhelmed and anxious at how I'm going to hold these two little boys with the other three constantly needing me...all in about...5 minutes! Especially if I have to have a c-section...I can't imagine how that's going to work out. Needless to say every prayer I have for my twins includes one about them both being head down, with an uncomplicated VBAC delivery!!

It has been difficult to "enjoy" my pregnancy just because for most of the day I'm trying to fend off two very clingy toddlers. I haven't much room left in my lap...and their elbows and knees are sharp. My belly is pretty firm most of the time, as the boys are taking up all of the available room I have...which I have to say isn't much. So, when I do try to let them sit with me...it doesn't last long as someone (both inside and outside of my womb) usually throws an elbow or foot into by belly! At night, I'm able to sit back a little and just feel their movement and talk to them a bit...but even then I'm so exhausted, it's not the same.

As for how the pregnancy is going: well I'll be 28 weeks but look and measure around 32 weeks. I have been having more contractions and general tightness whenever I go from sitting to standing, climb stairs, do too much and at the end of the day. Most of the time they aren't painful, just uncomfortable and as long as they continue to go away when I sit or lay down, then we've nothing to worry about! I had a test done that confirms with a 99.2% guarantee, I will not go into labor within the next 2 weeks!

The boys are incredibly active, and from this point on I'm supposed to do "kick counts" to make sure that each baby is moving about 10 times each in a one hour period of time. From the doctors stand point, they want me to make it to at least 35 weeks, otherwise they will stop any pre-term labor. After that point...whatever happens, happens. We pray that the babies are at least 4-5 lbs. each so that they will have a better chance of not needing to go to NICU. There really isn't any way to prevent pre-term delivery. But, if they can slow it down...they want to try to give the babies as much time in utero as possible. My second glucose test came back normal...yeah!...so I don't have to worry about gestational diabetes. So far all signs are good that I will deliver close to my due date. I'm comfortable with any time after Labor Day!! :)

I have another ultrasound this coming Saturday to check the size of the babies, as well as their position. They also need to check on the placenta and other membranes. Pray that they are head down and stay that way!! Last ultrasound one was breech, and the other was transverse, but the OB told me on Friday that it felt to her like they were both vertical and side by side...we shall soon see!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Joshua!!

Three years ago today our little firecracker came bursting into the world 2 weeks ahead of schedule!! Ever since then Joshua has lived up to the everything the 4th of July is all about.

He is fiery and independent in ways we never would have imagined. His strong willed temperament is proving to be challenging now, but we know it will serve him well in the future. He is fiercely protective of what is his, not only materialistically, (as most toddlers do), but personally as well. His concern for his brother, and sister is easily seen. When he wakes up, he asks where everyone is and how they are doing. He is quick with a hug, kiss, smile and a snuggle...but just as quickly can make a noise that would make the ground quake, and dogs in the next state howl in pain!

Our love for you Joshua continues to grow with each passing day. We can't remember a time without you, and look forward to how you will continue to bless and change our lives over the next year!