Our Family

Our Family
"These are the children God has graciously given to me. (us)" - Genesis 33:5

Monday, January 29, 2007

BackTrack Part 1

I found myself going through some of the millions of pictures we have saved over just the past several weeks, and lo and behold I suddenly remembered all of the things we had done prior to Rebekah's arrival.

We weren't doing much mind you, I was much too big and tired for that, however, we did manage to capture some cute pictures of the boys before their sister came home.

Ethan has loved Rebekah since before her birth. He loved looking at and touching my belly. Never did I imagine we'd be touching our belly's together mind you, but that's exactly what happened. He sat on my lap and told me that he wanted his "Lima" (the pretend baby that lived in his belly), to kiss Rebekah. It was really tough to explain to him that Lima didn't exist in his belly and that only girls could have baby's in their belly's, but I don't think it really mattered to him. For anyone who knows Ethan, once he gets something in his head, it's really tough to get it back out again. It is what it is...and Lima was his baby. Since Rebekah was born however, we haven't heard much more about dear sweet Lima.

Another fun event that occured before Rebekah was born, was our huge cookie making frenzy. Ethan has never shown interest in baking. Basically, if he couldn't use his dump truck, John Deere equipment, or spin around while doing it...he just wasn't interested.

Surprisingly, this time, he wanted to help me make some of the most delicious cookies of all...peanut butter choc. chip! Mmmmmmmmm...yummy! We needed to make a dessert that we could travel with for Christmas, as we had family to see. I knew that dessert would be everywhere we went, and that's some of the hardest stuff for me to deal with, never mind the kids! :)

So, Ethan said he wanted to help. And he did, from start to finish, AND the best part was eating the finished product right out of the oven!

Meanwhile, brother Joshua, found it entertaining driving his brother up the wall by wearing his favorite John Deere hat. Josh has discovered the best way to get back at his brother, for now, is to touch, play with, or move Ethan's things around. It's so hard to discipline that...

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