Our Family

Our Family
"These are the children God has graciously given to me. (us)" - Genesis 33:5

Monday, April 10, 2006

Parkers Maple Barn

The unthinkable happened...we ran out of maple syrup!! That's right. We finally found a food that Ethan can't seem to get enough of. They are brown rice chocolate chip pancakes fortified with cinnamon and flax seed! They are very good, and Ethan likes them best covered in a thick layer of butter and drowned in maple syrup.

So, we figured we'd take a little ride out to parkers Maple Barn on Saturday, you know just to get some maple syrup. I packed a GF muffin and donut, as well as a cheese stick and some organic applesauce for Ethan just in case we decided to have some lunch. We were quite famished after our ride out there and figured we could always go for more breakfast foods at noon time...after all it IS a restaurant.

I chatted with the staff and although they hadn't heard of Celiac Disease they felt confident that they could provide a suitable egg dish for Ethan to eat. We were seated and I gave the waitress a restaurant card I designed to explain to the staff what gluten is and how to cook without it. They were so great about the whole thing. They cook scrambled eggs in separate pans anyway, and they use an egg substitute which they brought out to me so I could check the ingredients.

It was so nice to eat out like a family and not have to worry about what Ethan can or can't eat. He was able to eat most of his scrambled eggs, plus some of the GF muffin I was able to bring in with us. Joshua even tried a home fry and decided it wasn't to his liking!

All in all it was a fun family outing that we were all able to enjoy. I highly recommend this place to anyone, but especially to those with food issues as they were incredibly accommodating!

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Jen Grinter said...

Mike and Michelle,

I went to Parkers after my First Holy Communion and have fond memories of it. It is nice to hear that they are still a good restaurant. I wish I had a place like that here to go to after Katherine's First Holy Communion in a couple of weeks. Give Ethan and Josh a hug for me.