Our Family

Our Family
"These are the children God has graciously given to me. (us)" - Genesis 33:5

Monday, February 19, 2007

Her Big Day...and we had cake!

Yes, it was Rebekah's big day. On Sunday we had our daughter Rebekah Simone Ouellette baptized at Ste. Marie's Parish in Manchester. It was a beautiful ceremony with the whole congregation, family and friends to celebrate.

Ethan was very excited because although he hasn't been a big fan of going to church and praying to God, (more like not enjoying the hour of having to sit still in one spot), he was looking forward to seeing his sister "bathtized" like his cousin Jack was a few weekends ago. I tried searching in vain for pictures of Ethan's baptism, unfortunately a lot of those things are still packed up from when we had the house on the market. He was confused as to why he couldn't be baptized again, and wanted Joshua to take a "bath" up there as well.

More importantly...in a 4 year olds world...there was cake. We have a friend from our church who is known as the Cake Lady. She has been making cakes out of her house for quite some time now. Before we started eating gluten free, she made Joshua's baptism cake, and we were blown away by not only the beauty of the cake, but the taste as well. Incredible! So, when we had a change in our diet, I was less than thrilled that we would have to find someone else to do it for us, or (gasp) do it myself! (For those of you who don't know, I love to bake and cook, but with everything else to do in prepartion for a party at one's own house, it's just easier to have one less thing to think about!) So, I talked to her about cross contamination etc. and told her what kind of cake mixes to use as well as discussed what goes into the frosting, and we've worked everything out. This cake was huge, four Namaste cake mixes, but knowing it wouldn't all get eaten, I was able to freeze a reasonable size of it for use at other parties. I am a planner by nature!:)

Throughout every part of the day...church...the drive to and from church...the whole morning prior to going to church after the cake was delivered...a frantic voice could be heard asking if it was time for cake yet. We have to give the kid credit, he did go through all the motions required of the big brother...

He sat for some really great pictures.

Then there was the party girl. It was tough to get her away from the protective older brother. He needed to know where she was at all times. Let me tell you, he didn't like to hear her cry. Every time she did, which was often, (hey you would too if you were wearing that beautiful yet itchy and hot gown) he would tell me it was time to change her into her princess dress.

The pink in the dress was so beautiful. I can truly appreciate this color now after having two rough and tumble boys. Plus, seeing her laying next to her "older" (by two months) cousing Jacob...aka Jack...I just can't get over how feminine and dainty she looks.

All in all it was such a beautiful day. Thank you to everyone who came to the church and back to our home later, to celebrate God's little blessing.

Rebekah, sweetheart, you are loved by so many friends and family members, but no one loves you more than Mommy, Daddy, and your two big brothers Ethan and Joshua. God Bless you little one.

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